Train Smarter 12 week Program
Train Smarter 12 week Program
Train Smarter 12 week Program

Train Smarter 12 week Program

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Train Smarter to get toned up, move better, and feel better in just 12 weeks by decreasing inflammation and stress.

Work day by day, step by step each week to lower these levels through workouts, nutrition, and self care. 

How exactly does this program decrease stress and inflammation and in turn tone you up?

For starters lets talk about stress- our body goes through stressful situations in a multitude of ways, from mental stress with worrying, to physical like extreme workouts and lack of sleep, to health issues like chronic disease, to our day to day lifestyles with what we eat and what we are exposed to in our environment. 

All of these things combined over time cause our stress hormones (cortisol and adrenelane) to get elevated and in turn cause imbalances in our body in different ways. The common denomenator of it all is that inflammatory markers rise, meaning inflammation throughout our body increases which can lead to metabolism function decreasing and even chronic illnesses like autoimmne conditions. 

With this program we work to bring these levels down through working out and focusing on taking care our muscles and joints through different stretching techniques and activation exercises prior to harder workouts to help prevent injury and help mobility and stiffness. We add better foods that help with lowering inflammation vs. eating foods that increase it. We work on adding in better lifestyle habits and self care. These things combined can really turn your body around, it can help you lose that stubborn fat that just won't budge, and it can help you feel better, sleep better, work better.... because it is all about focusing on taking care of you.

So what is included?

- 12 weeks of workouts with detailed descriptions, photos, and videos sent weekly to help guide you

- Weekly recipes to try

- Nutrition and self care weekly checklists

- Weekly correspondence with me


How is it structured?

Each week you have 4-5 days of workouts that can be done at home or anywhere. They start with a warm up that progresses from simple stretching and foam rolling to active stretching, followed by actual exercises to help tone and strengthen.

You get weekly nutritional goals and self care goals to work towards. The emphasis is on adding better things in vs. just restricting everything from you. Meaning more nutrient based foods and going to bed earlier by 30 minutes vs. saying no dairy at all and stop all things fun :).

Do you need anything in particular gym wise?

During month 1 you really  just need a mat and foam roller and some resistance bands. I will let you know when you need anything else but the main goal of this is to be able to do these workouts where ever and not make them a time suck but something you can easily fit into your daily routine.


You being more toned, having less pain, more energy, more time for you and learning how to balance it all with a busy life.