Train Smarter 12 week Program
Train Smarter 12 week Program
Train Smarter 12 week Program
Train Smarter 12 week Program

Train Smarter 12 week Program

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Do you ever get hurt doing everyday things? Like picking something up off the ground? 

What about stress, do you ever feel stressed?

Do you have pain in your joints or ever feel stiff?

What about accountability do you struggle with that?

If you just had a plan to take, to help you know what to do. To build a strong foundation and be able to move better, to sleep better, eat better, get strong, and tone up, would that help you?

If so then this program is for you!

So what is it?

- A 12 week fitness and wellness program that works to allow you move better, decrease stress, get stronger and know how to navigate your own workouts.

- We focus on progression. By that I mean we work first to get to moving better through myofascial release and stretching techniques, improving mobility and activation, and we add things each week to help with decreasing stress and making smarter choices when it comes to eating right in a balanced non restrictive way.

How do I know what to do ?

Each week you get a workout plan along with videos and photos to explain what you are working on and WHY. You get checklists of things to focus on in other categories to make it a WHOLE LIFE approach.

Will I lose weight??

Absolutely. By decreasing stress on your body internally and externally your metabolism is able to work more efficiently. Not to mention you will be working out and gaining lean muscle to help tone over the course of the 12 weeks.

Do I need to be able to go to a big gym or have access to big equipment for it to work?

Nope- almost everything can be done at home. You do need a foam roller and some smaller resistance bands and later down the road you may need some more resistance equipment but we talk about other options too when we get there.

Are there modifications??

YUP that is what this program is all about. Learning how to modify, regress and progress in fitness as you go on your own health and wellness journey.

Why is it $300??

This program will provide you with 3 months of work that would cost you over $1000 in one month if you went to a specialized personal trainer in this field. It is very detailed and you are getting a great deal ($100/month) of plans that include anywhere from 3-5 workouts/week. 

What if I do not understand something?

You get complete access to me throughout the program so you can email at any time.

What is The END RESULT?

You being more toned, having less pain, more energy, more time for you and learning how to balance it all with a busy life.